Need and Scope for Watershed Development The Western Ghat region of Kerala covers 450kms (28.12%) out of the total length of 1600 Kms. The Kerala region (“Sahyadri”) of Western Ghats comprises of 31 out of 63 taluks in the state encompassing 72% of the total geographical area of the State and around 50% of the State’s population. The region covers 80 cut of 152 Block Panchayath and 537 out of 999 Grama Panchayaths in the State. The population of this region increased from 68.8 lakhs in 1971 to 158.16 lakhs in 2001 (provisional). The density of population in this region in 565 as against the State average of 819 The Western Ghats play an important role in providing substantial rainfall in the state. The “Sahyadri” is the birthplace of 44 major rivers flowing through the state. The rich natural forests of this region are a treasure house of plants, animals and minerals. The influence of Western Ghat has been remarkable in the maintenance and preservation of ecology of the State. Rajiv Youth Foundation has been selected as the implementing agency of western ghat development project in 7 Panchayaths, We are implimenting in these Malappuram, Kozhikode and Trivandrum districts. Now we are entrusted with preparation of detailed project report-DPR in these Panchayaths after conducting elaborate exercises such as PRA, surveys, field visits, data collection consolidation, preparation of preliminary action plan, exploring convergence opportunities with other agencies and final submission of projects.

Programme Objectives

  1. Integrated development of Western Ghat region on compact watershed basis keeping in view the over-riding priorities of eco-development and eco-restoration.
  2. Preservation of bio-diversity of the Western Ghat region.
  3. Restoration of ecological damage caused by human inter-action in of Western Ghat region.
  4. Awareness creation among the people of Western Ghats and educating them on the far reaching implications of ecological degradation and promotion of a change in their mindset for preservation of the “Resource Trinity”- Land, water and Biomass.
  5. Development of an approach for sustainable utilization of natural resources to prevent further ecological degradation in Western Ghat region.
  6. Development of degraded forest lands trough “Participatory Forest Management Programmes” on Watershed basis. Our WGDP Projects On Going Projects Paramboor – Poonthanam Watershed ( Keezhattur Grama panchayth- Malappuram Dist.) Mudikkodu – Panankara Watershed ( Anakkayam Grama Panchayath- Malappuram Dist.) Neetil Thodu Watershed ( Mankada Grama Panchayth – Malappuram Dist.) Athithodu Watershed ( Vazhikkadvu Grama Panchayath – Malappuram Dist Kuppayakkodu Watershed ( Puthuppadi-Kodancheri Grama Panchayath, – Kozhikkodu Dist.) Perayam Watershed ( Vithura Grama Panchayth- Trivandrum Dist.) Erulour Watershed ( Vamanapuram Grama Panchayth- Trivandrum Dist.)