This is a Targeted Intervention project of Kerala State AIDS Control Society under health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Kerala. Goal of the project “Prevent the new HIV infection among the MSMs at Palakkad District” Introduction The activities to achieve the objective are selection and training of PEs, meetings at the hotspot level and DIC level, IPC, Provision of quality STI/ICTC referral services, Provision of increased condom services, advocacy meetings, partner meetings, help to meet social development needs, capacity building programs to improve leadership skills of CBO leaders, new SHGs, membership campaigns to increase membership of CBO, and increased CBO participation in TI program. We work to achieve 100% of regular contact, 100% STI screening, 100% of ICTC referral, 100% condom movement, and Risk Reduction Counselling to the 100% of high risk group. The major shift in activities this year from last year’s approach is priority for HRG testing and concurrent review (Quarterly) by the Project Officer to improve the quality of the program.


  • To ensure the safe sex practice to 100% of the stake holders.
  • To ensure HIV testing of 100% MSMs under the project coverage.
  • To increase the STI service utilization to 100%.
  • To increase the regular health check up to 100%.
  • To improve the DIC services to attract the 100% stakeholders to the project.
  • To improve the leadership qualities of the CBO members.


  1. Outreach and communication: Outreach based on the Risk and Typology of the HRG, One to one communication, Counselling, follow up counselling, group discussions, bcc events, focus group discussions, video show, behaviour change analysis etc
  2. Services: STD identification through symptomatic& asymptomatic screening, counselling, referrals to other outlets and follow up, Provide commodities like condom and Lubricants, Services like anal & oral STI Management, Linkage of services- Pulari, Jyothis, Care & Support etc.
  3. Enabling environment: Advocacy, Crisis Management, Legal Aid etc.
  4. Community mobilization: Collectivization of HRG, Space for community events, Capacity building to assume ownership etc.


  • Increase in safe sex practice of MSMs on STD/HIV/AIDS .
  • Increase of STD checkups .
  • Treatment to all STI diagnosed cases and their partners .
  • Correct and consistent condom usage .
  • Increased participation of local leaders, Govt. officials, Police, PRIs, other agencies in the TI programme .
  • Increase in the regular health check up .
  • Improvement of the DIC services to attract the 100% of the Primary Stakeholders.
  • Improvement of the leadership qualities of the CBO members.

Special Initiatives

  1. We have formed a Street Drama team from our community members including eight of them and have already played drama in almost all the target areas of our project.
  2. We have formed a dance team from the community group and put a dance master from them and given facility at our DIC’s to practice.
  3. We had initiated to form a consortium of all the institutions who work or have worked in the area if HIV/AIDS and developed a voluntary association of the same in the name “AIDS FREE PALAKKAD”.
  4. We have formed a District level advisory committee for the suraksha projects.
  5. We have provided indoor and outdoor recreational facilities to community like Chess board, carom board, Shuttle badminton, Cricket kit, Football etc..
  6. We have provided a dressing room for the community members to dress up and have fun inside the DIC itself.
  7. We have already been given volunteers training and have developed a second line leadership from the community, who can be promoted as Peer Educators.
  8. We are celebrating all the festivals in order to create communal harmony among the community members.
  9. We are providing appreciations and prizes to the best performing Peer Educators on a monthly basis.
  10. We arrange staff and NGO level get-togethers to increase the morale and we feeling among and between the staff and NGO.
  11. Conduct special one to one sessions with staff and Peer Educators to analyse the job performance and improve the capacity and capability of them.
  12. We conduct special counselling programs to reduce the tension, pressure and there as to control and minimise the staff turnover.
  13. We use special motivational therapies to Peer Educators and Staff for a committed and improved project level performance.
  14. We have the initiates to give special care and support to the extremely needed communities and have the linkages with other organisations to do so.
  15. We have provided capacity building in-house training programs to Project Staff and Peer Educators.