One of our milestone of Rajiv Youth Foundation is the implementation of Rain Water Harvesting Project titled ‘Mazhathulli’ at Pallikkal PanchayathIn Malappuram District, A CAPART (Council for Advancement of People Action and Rural Technology)assisted project. This project, meant to alleviate the drinking water hard ship of 50 families through roof water and to remove the scarcity of Safe drinking water in pallikkal panchayath, and initiated in April 2008. Rain water harvesting projects Implementing Agency : Rajiv Youth Foundation Funding Agency :CAPART Date of Sanction : 24th March 2008 Amount of Sanction : 11,36,025 No.of Units : 55 Units Capacity of RWH Tank : 6000Liter Beneficiary Contribution : 2,400/- Name of Panchayath : Pallikkal Name of District : Malappuram Objectives To construct 55 Rain water harvesting structures in poor households of Pallikkal Grama Panchayat in Malappuram District with minimal contribution from the beneficiaries and to disseminate the ferro-cement technology for the construction of the same Activities Conducted a survey among the house holds of the drought prone areas of Pallikkal gramapanchayat in order to assess the prevailing situation Identified the eligible beneficiaries of the project in consultation with the Governing body of the local body. Prepared and forwarded the proposal for the construction of RWH structures in the selected house holds to CAPART and got sanctioned. Provided extensive trainings for the beneficiaries regarding the technology as well as on water bone diseases using the services of experts in the sector Formed a group of local masons to transfer the technology to the local people and thus to make it available always. Started the construction of RWH tanks, in he project area. Activities Provision of Safe Drinking Water through roof water harvesting to 55 house holds from the project area. Improvement the health and hygiene of the area by prevention of water born diseases Creation of awareness in the project area on harvesting from the roof top and dissemination of technology Reduction of drudgery of women in fetching water from far places during summer