Farmers clubs are the latest innovation from national bank for agriculture and rural development-NABARD. They are essentially the groups of farmers in a locality, engaged in same or different activities. The objectives of the formation include unity, awareness generation and provision of linkages. Unity of the farmers enable them to effectively involve in farming as well as marketing, awareness generation helps them to know recent trends and technologies and the linkages include provision of financial supports and subsidy programmes. Framers Clubs are widely recognized as the effective plat form for initiating and maintaining innovative practices in all the segments of agricultural production. Rajiv Youth Foundation is selected as the implementing agency for Framers Club Formation in Malappuram District under NABARD. The first of the kind was formed at Nirann Parmba in Thrikkalangode Panchayath among the dairy farmers. Shri A.P.Anil Kumar MLA inaugurated the activities of the Club on 21 st May 2010. Mr.Padmakumar, AGM, NABARD, Lead Bank Manager K. Unnikrishnan and Mr.Usman, President, Milk society president also participated the function.