Rajiv Youth Foundation is a voluntary organization having its head quarters at Manjeri, Malappuram district, Kerala, functioning since 19th November 1997. Over these years, the organization has earned laurels and has established as an outstanding organization committed to serve the community and we are proud of that. The organization was registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act 1860. This organization with its ongoing and structural performance has got many active volunteer members spread over all districts in Kerala.

The organization is engaged in the promotion of democratic and secular values, nurture a sense of nationality and equality among the people, organize service oriented humanitarian activities, to devise and implement measures for the welfare of village folk, to promote cultural, educational, scientific and employment oriented awareness and explore opportunities for securing the same to the people, chalking out ways and means for the prosperity of the lower and middle class through the concepts of interdependency and self help by organizing self help group and propagating micro financing operations etc. The organization is ever committed to the fulfillment of its objectives which include the promotion of social, scientific and economic awareness and empowerment and its members are always ready to sacrifice themselves for its attainment.

Currently we are implementing 22 projects at different districts of Kerala. It includes Integrated Watershed Management Programmes (IWMP), Western Ghat Development Programmes (WGDP), Jalanidhi Project, HIV/AIDS Prevention Projects, Women Development Programmes, Education Support Programmes, Agricultural Development Programmes etc. To implement and close monitor our project activities we have 9 offices at different districts including our Central Office at Manjeri and Administrative office at Thiruvananthapuram.


To reach the unreached


To bring about holistic and sustainable development of the society through convergence of all available resources and empowerment of the underprivileged so as to enable them to be an integral part of developmental process through provision of resource development strategies based on self help principles.

Objectives of the organization

  • Propagation of democratic and secular culture
  • A) Promotion of national feeling an equality among people
  • B) The activities of the organization will be open to the entire public, not limiting itself to any particular section or geographical area
  • Undertaking studies regarding cultural tradition
  • Undertaking Development activities for the welfare of the villagers
  • Uplifting scientific and social status of the members
  • Undertake service oriented activities
  • To devotedly work for the overall development of the nation
  • Organize and conduct events, shows, exhibitions etc with special emphasis on organizational, cultural and artistic development.
  • In Every district of the state “RYF” will start Rajiv Gandhi Self Help Project – aimed at enhancing the socio economic, Educational and Health conditions of common public (project shall be subject to bylaws formulated by RYF)
  • To form SHGs ( self Help Groups) for the benefit of common public ( Ward, Grama Panchayath, Development block, District levels Under RGFSHP) and establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support or help the common public through the various community development programmes of RGFSHP
  • Borrow loans from public sector or private financial institutions and banks for the implementation of Micro-finance programme through the SHGs and JLGs formed as a part of RGFSHP under RYF as well as for the micro enterprise programme for the membership of RGFSHP and utilize these funds for the purpose stated
    Start and market a family health insurance scheme in association with public sector/private insurance companies to help the middle income group of the society
  • Start joint liability groups when and where necessary for the implementation of the micro-finance project.
  • To establish, run and maintain educational institutions including schools, colleges, engineering colleges, medical colleges as well as vocational training institutions so as to improve the educational standard of the public
  • To approach and make contracts with financial institutions including governmental/non- governmental, banking/non banking organizations so as to raise funds for establishing the institutions as stated 14th paragraph
  • To implement various projects and awareness programmes in animal husbandry and animal welfare sectors and to start the institutions for the same (a) Take up projects to establish, run and maintain scientific abattoirs (b) To organize programmes for the implementation of humane approaches in cattle rearing, milk production and meat production (c) To start and run animal welfare centers.
  • Organize awareness programmes on traffic rules and regulations for the public as well as drivers.
  • To start and run working women and youth hostels and daycare centre


Rasheed Paramban

Registered under Indian Societies Act. Reg. No. 877/97, Date of Registration: 10 Dec 1977 

FCRA Reg. No.

12 A Reg. No.

Income Tax Reg. No.