Construction of rain water harvesting tanks using Ferro cement technology and popularization of the project in Pallikkal Panchayath

This project was funded by CAPART and was completed in 2009-2010. Ferro cement tanks of 6000 litter capacity were constructed at the household premises of 55 beneficiaries in Pallikkal Panchayath. The project implementation was in two phases, the first one for 22 beneficiaries finished in 2008 and the second phase to cover 33 beneficiaries were completed in 2009-10.

The financial details of the project are as follows…

Total Outlay of the current contract Rs 11,36,000
Total number of tanks constructed 55
Total expenditure Rs 12,48,225.00
Date of completion of the project 10-03-2010
Total number of beneficiaries assisted 55