Kerala is one of the most rainfalls getting area in the world. Even though Kerala gets more than 3000ml rainfall annually; availability of fresh water is at scarce in many regions especially during summer. While there exists many fresh water distribution systems like ‘Swaljaldhara, Japan drinking water program and Kerala water authority programs’, Jalanidhi – a fresh water distribution and sanitation program has been initiated which aimed at village population of Kerala.

Jalanidhi project has been implementing with the aid of World Bank by Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (KRWSA) which functions under Kerala government water authority department. In 1999, the first phase of Jalanidhi project has implemented in 112 grama   panchayath of Kerala covering 1.90 lakhs of families which further covers 11.23 lakhs beneficiaries. Based on this success history, Kerala government decided to complete second phase of Jalanidhi project from 2012-2017 which aims to cover 200 Panchayaths with a budget of 1022.3 Crore rupees.

Edapatta Grama Panchayath situated on the eastern part of Malappuram district in one of the grama panchayath which has been selected for the implementation of second batch Jalanidhi program second phase. As part of the implementation of the project, Edapatta grama panchayath selected Rajiv Youth Foundation (RYF), as the Supporting agency for the implementation of the project in the panchayath.

Works are under progress in the panchayath to implement a 10 Crore rupees cost project – Drinking Water supply and Sanitation and Ground Water Recharge Project, that intended to cover 1700 families under 6 programmes who are facing drinking water scarcity in the panchayath. Also we are providing support to bund construction works, sanitation works including household toilets and school sanitation, Ground water recharging etc.